Great noise cancelling running headphone

I love this wireless headphone. When it arrived at my house it came in a little box. I used it for running and talking while I am driving. It come with two extra ear bugs so you can choose which one you are comfortable with. They are light easy to used and inexpensive.


The quality of sound on this headphone is clear and charged pretty fast. It’s convenient to put away it also come with a hard shell case that help protected it from damage. I used it with my iPhone 6S and I love it. This headphone is compatible with most smart phone. If you love quality headphone but don’t want to pay top dollar then I recommend this headphone.


I purchased these because I run a lot, 4 times a week and currently training for a marathon. I like that these came with a case, makes it easier to keep track of. I have use them a few times and love them. I wear a visor while running and usually have the cord wrapped in the visor to stay out of the way and to help keep them in my ears. I didn’t do that and they stay in with no problem on my runs. I did 11 miles with them! The cord didn’t get tangled up in my hair (which was in a ponytail and the back of the visor was under my ponytail). The cord didn’t bounce around either (it was under my ponytail and my hair is passed my shoulders). It was easy to change the song if I needed too.

The battery was down to maybe about 80%. I had the volume on low so that I could still hear cars coming and on the lowest setting it was perfectly clear. They connected quickly to my phone and didn’t cut out at all while I was using them. I didn’t change the size of the earbud because it wasn’t needed. They charge quickly. The charging port is a little hard to find and to close after charging, but it just takes a little practice.

I love these!

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Slim, powerful battery bank

portable power bank
I purchased the Selectec Ultra-slim 10000mAh External Battery Pack because let’s face it, you can never have too many power banks. I have a few smaller ones but they are generally 3000-6000mAh. They do the job but if you want something to store more power and require less charging you really can’t beat this one. It’s less than half the price of some other power banks I was looking at with 10000mAh which made it a no brainer.

cheap power bank

The power bank came pre-charged (mine was only at 75% but not a big deal). I was surprised how small it was and thought the storage level had to be a misprint but it isn’t. It is roughly the same size of my iPhone 6s (as you can see in the photos) which means it isn’t bulky or annoying if you have it in your pocket. I fully charged it and I was able to completely charge my iPhone 6s, my old iPhone4, my iPod touch, and my e-cig and it didn’t even drop below 75%. I’ve been using it to charge my Bluetooth speaker on my 1 hour ride to work, and then while at work constantly charging my iPhone 6 and e-cig (instead of plugging them into my laptop) and it is still above 50% with the 3rd light blinking. The only thing I don’t like about this is that if you have the usb cables plugged in (it has 2 slots) then plug in you phone or device it doesn’t automatically come on and you have to hit the power button, but again no big deal.

high capacity power bank

The plastic casing had a cheap rigid feel to it, and I think if I were to drop it from waste height onto a hard surface it would probably crack but hopefully I won’t find that out. If you really wanted to I’m sure you could find some kind of rubberized case to protect it, and since it doesn’t heat up it shouldn’t be an issue. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and recommend it if you’re in the market for a lightweight slim power bank.

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