Terrific sound with lots of thump in a small package

Selectec has crafted a unique looking Bluetooth speaker with amazing sound quality. What is unique looking about it? The “dent” in the top. If you don’t know what it is for, you might think it’s doing an impression of a single slice toaster. Or it’s some kind of handle. No and no. Yes — it’s a slot for you to put your smartphone on!

cheap wireless Bluetooth speaker

So this is just an iPhone or Android phone stand with a speaker in it? Hardly. This is actually a Bluetooth speaker with an iPhone or Android phone stand built-in. No, that’s not just semantics. I’ve tried products billed as smartphone stands with a speaker built-in and the sound quality of the speaker was abysmal and insulting. The design of the stand was the focus and the speaker was a cheap afterthought. Not here!

Bluetooth speaker under budget

This Bluetooth speaker uses high quality drivers to produce stereo sound and has a passive radiator to increase bass response. It’s a small unit packed with big sound. Just hold the speaker while it is playing music and you can feel the power emanating from it. Yes, it has a slot for an iPhone on it, but even if you never put a smartphone on that slot, you will still love the sound of this speaker. It can get very loud without distorting. And like I said, it has a lot of bass.

You receive a USB charging chord and a speaker plug which is great for any device that is not Bluetooth capable.
To get a full charge it takes about 4 hours. The transmission distance is 10 meters which is 32 feet..

If your in the market for a great compact Bluetooth speaker I would highly recommend this one. Selectec has really outdone themselves with this speaker!