As a family who often go out and about in the countryside on walks with our smartphones, GPS and other gadgets, we always run the risk of running out of battery power at the worst possible moment. This SELECTEC external battery pack gives us the ideal solution to this problem, and means we can always keep extra battery power with us that can be used on any of our devices (as long as we keep a lighting cable in our backpack as well as the battery).

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What’s Included:
* SELECTEC 18000mAh External Battery Pack
* USB charging cable
* Instruction leaflet

The Details:
The item came in a branded brown cardboard box, but was well packaged, and everything inside was well protected. This included the pack itself, an instruction leaflet, and a short USB to Micro USB cable.

The instructions are fairly comprehensive, and cover all of the relevant detail.

The power bank itself is a well build block of battery, so not a very light item, but then batteries seldom are. The unit weighs 353grams. The case is sleek and streamlined, and should fit in a pocket, measuring 14cm in length.

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The power pack has few controls, as there is nothing really to do, and the device is very much plug and play. There are 2 USB sockets and a micro USB socket. One of the USB sockets is capable of delivering 1A, while the 2nd USB port can deliver a full 2.1A. This is useful for charging tablets, and other higher power items. The 1A is perfectly fine for recharging mobile phones and other similar smaller gadgets. I tested this using my Apple Iphone 5s, which charged perfectly well in either port. While recharging gadgets, the unit displays its current capacity on the battery level indicator.

The unit is charged using the supplied USB to Micro USB cable (see photos), which is 25cm in length. When charging, the 5 blue indicator lamps light up on the top of the unit, to show the charging process.

When not charging, the units battery level can be checked using the power button adjacent to the USB sockets, which is an excellent feature if you only use the pack periodically and cannot remember its current charge level.

The pack also has a very handy torch function, which is turned on with the same power button. For a small LED, it really does give out a bright light.

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Overall, the SELECTEC 18000mAh external battery pack is a very capable power pack, which is compact enough to keep in a pocket, yet powerful enough to be of use, and with sufficient capacity to last a while between charges. The integral torch is a great bonus.

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