This mini speaker is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It can play music via Bluetooth and use it as a card reader. It supports MP3/WMA/WAV format.

cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker

I don’t know how wonderful sound this little thing can play, connecting my iPhone 6 plus. It has really nice bass to it for such a tiny unit. The design is nice too. The water drop shape makes it easy to place and to carry anywhere. I’ve used it for a couple rounds of golf without recharging, so it’s got pretty good battery-life too. The recharge port is the standard micro USB that’s common on most Android devices, so there’s always a cable around to charge it. The Bluetooth is seamless. You can control the music from your phone or straight on the device. The sound is loud enough that you have to turn it down to talk to someone next to you, but not loud enough to hurt your ears. The most delightful thing is that every evening after dinner, my friend and i would listen to some pop music,and doing slimming dances. The music sounds so amazing!

portable sport Bluetooth speaker

It is a good companion when my husband and I traveling,walking,running,climbing mountains and other outdoor activities. My husband especially likes to take these paddleboarding! Connects to our phones without any issue. Volume is great. I’ll let you know how well it works when it gets wet!Highly recommend to you if you are also a sports enthusiast.

discount Bluetooth speaker for outdoors

If you are looking for a tiny speaker that sounds good, this is one of the few that you can buy.

Where to buy? Check out the following entrance on Amazon.

US here, save $2 with coupon code VMZ76FZX

UK here, save £2 with coupon code 9RDHTRJ7



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