If you’re already playing latest Pokemon GO series gaming application on your Smartphone then you would definitely know, it drains an incredible amount of energy so if you’re looking to catch all those one hundred and fifty one pokemon in that case it requires a backup battery or a powerful power bank that could provide you interpreted power supply while you’re on the go.

pokemon go

The ultra-lightweight portable power bank from Everything Tablet is a perfect way to get unlimited juice when you’re cruising through the streets in your city in order to catch a Pikachu. Whatever type of phone you have got, Everything Tablet’s power bank will quickly recharge your mobile device from zero to hundred percent within no time.

cheap high capacity charger for mobile power bank

In terms of specification, a power bank with 24000mAh (save $5 with coupon code A5ANBBH7) is more than enough to charge your phone multiple times in a day and you will never even think about using spare battery to stay connected. Besides, the best part of Selectec power bank is that it will help you in charging two digital devices at the highest speed simultaneously.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a continuous power supply in order to play Pokemon GO then Selectec power bank is perfect for catching all those Pokemon without any problem.


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