The Portable Bluetooth Speaker arrived very quickly. He came with an AUX cable, USB cable and a small manual.

APPLICATION: (see video)

The AUX cable is for there to be the speaker can also manually close to the phone without having to use Bluetooth. The USB- cable is used for charging. The speaker is a small cube with many skills. For example, you can with + and – not only louder and quieter but also further off or switch back a song. When pressed on + it gets louder and click into 1x to + provides you a song on. The same applies to -.

In addition, you can make a song to break by 1x click the ON / OFF button. When pressed on the on / off button makes it the speaker on or off.

There is also a telephone function. The button with the phone can receive calls, and the call is transmitted to the speaker. In addition, you can also hang up again with this button.
All these features are naturally controlled (depending on how you want) via the mobile phone.

A further feature is that the speaker has an integrated voice that tells you in what capacity (eg Bluetooth mode) you’re straight or if you have turned off the speaker etc ..


just WOW! The speaker has a really good sound and can bring the bass perfectly. In addition, it can be very noisy ask what I find personally most. One notices especially in the sound that it is not a “low part”, but really high quality (Even in appearance it is very high quality!).


I am very confident and really pleasantly surprised. I have never had such a good portable small speaker that sounds so good and can be loud. Respect!

That’s why for me definitely a BUY RECOMMENDATION !!

Deal for you:

US here, save $2 with coupon code SU55IHHB

UK here, save £2 with coupon code B9M9Q4SN


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