Why I highly recommend this mini Bluetooth Speaker?

This mini speaker is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It can play music via Bluetooth and use it as a card reader. It supports MP3/WMA/WAV format.

cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker

I don’t know how wonderful sound this little thing can play, connecting my iPhone 6 plus. It has really nice bass to it for such a tiny unit. The design is nice too. The water drop shape makes it easy to place and to carry anywhere. I’ve used it for a couple rounds of golf without recharging, so it’s got pretty good battery-life too. The recharge port is the standard micro USB that’s common on most Android devices, so there’s always a cable around to charge it. The Bluetooth is seamless. You can control the music from your phone or straight on the device. The sound is loud enough that you have to turn it down to talk to someone next to you, but not loud enough to hurt your ears. The most delightful thing is that every evening after dinner, my friend and i would listen to some pop music,and doing slimming dances. The music sounds so amazing!

portable sport Bluetooth speaker

It is a good companion when my husband and I traveling,walking,running,climbing mountains and other outdoor activities. My husband especially likes to take these paddleboarding! Connects to our phones without any issue. Volume is great. I’ll let you know how well it works when it gets wet!Highly recommend to you if you are also a sports enthusiast.

discount Bluetooth speaker for outdoors

If you are looking for a tiny speaker that sounds good, this is one of the few that you can buy.

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The best power bank for Pokemon Go?

If you’re already playing latest Pokemon GO series gaming application on your Smartphone then you would definitely know, it drains an incredible amount of energy so if you’re looking to catch all those one hundred and fifty one pokemon in that case it requires a backup battery or a powerful power bank that could provide you interpreted power supply while you’re on the go.

pokemon go

The ultra-lightweight portable power bank from Everything Tablet is a perfect way to get unlimited juice when you’re cruising through the streets in your city in order to catch a Pikachu. Whatever type of phone you have got, Everything Tablet’s power bank will quickly recharge your mobile device from zero to hundred percent within no time.

cheap high capacity charger for mobile power bank

In terms of specification, a power bank with 24000mAh (save $5 with coupon code A5ANBBH7) is more than enough to charge your phone multiple times in a day and you will never even think about using spare battery to stay connected. Besides, the best part of Selectec power bank is that it will help you in charging two digital devices at the highest speed simultaneously.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a continuous power supply in order to play Pokemon GO then Selectec power bank is perfect for catching all those Pokemon without any problem.

Selectec Ultra-Slim 10000mah Power Bank at $16.99


Selectec Electronics has unveiled its 10000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank in US. Priced at $19.99, the new power bank is with high capacity 10000mAh, provides powerful and stable power supply for charging your devices. It will be available in white, black, black+red and black+blue. The company is targeting everyone with a phone and needs a charger for mobile.

The biggest highlight of the new 10000mAh power bank is it equipped with dual smart identify USB output ports, it can charge two digital devices at the highest speed simultaneously. It is 7.1 x 4.9 x 1.2 inches, let you comfortable to hold and it slipped easily into your pocket.

Commenting on the launch, Tom Luke, Marketing Manager, said, “The new charger is safe to use, it supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protections, perfectly protects your digital devices from charging accident. It fits for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Moto, Sony, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, BLU, Asus Zenfone, Padfone, Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Cameras, Game Consoles And MP3/MP4 players, Etc.”

Last but not the least, Selectec offers a $3 OFF discount code (K9BY3YYS) for its customers, and expires at the end of 2016, do not miss the buy.

This 6 ports USB charger is a MUST for household

Nowadays, it’s a job to find enough plug sockets to charge all your electronic devices, especially when there are several people in the household. This charger is the ideal solution because all you need is access to one mains socket to plug it is and you can charge up to six devices via standard USB sockets. 42f519f9f956219efb1dd71d4fa5a894
This means that you can simultaneously charge your phones, Kindle, Amazon Fire, and any device that uses the USB cable.

I have kept this charger plugged into a socket in my kitchen so that anyone can plug in when they need to recharge anything without all the usual squabbles over who needs to charge first.


The charger is compact and light so doesn’t take up too much space and it is portable if you need to carry it about.


The surface of the charger has a non-slip mat finish and it looks stylish but subtle.The case is robust and should withstand reasonable wear and tear.

UK Entrance: http://amzn.to/2dbrVrc, £2 OFF Coupon code: GPXYRQ2T
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You can also read the post on blogger.

Review of Selectec Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

I am a fan of Bluetooth speakers. I have a small collection of them and use different styles for different reasons. I have a large cylinder speaker that is great for outdoor use and I have a colored LED speaker that lights up with music. Music really puts me in a good state of mind and helps me think so I always have something playing in the background. Having a speaker that provides amplification to what my phone puts out just makes things easier for me. So, when I was given the opportunity to test out the Selectec Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, I accepted quickly as it’s got a unique design and will fit nicely in my collection.


The Selectec speaker is a solid product. It’s made from heavy-duty materials and just feels strong. It’s smaller in body but has a big sound. It easily fills a room (my office is 10 x 10 and it sounded great there). The speaker is a pretty standard Bluetooth speaker. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, you can also plug in an auxiliary cable for your device. It’s a very versatile device in that respect. With it utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, I didn’t have any issues connecting my iPhone to it. It stayed connected and only took a few seconds to make the initial connection.
I love this speaker’s size. As I already mentioned, it’s small – 6.8 x 5 x 4.3 inches – but solid – it weighs 1.5 pounds. So, it’s not exactly what I would classify as ‘portable’ or for ‘on the go’. I see it more as a speaker that you keep on a desk or bedside table. It’s not something you would grab-n-go with. Because it doesn’t take up much space and is forward-facing, I think it’s ideal for an office or bedroom.


The Selectec speaker puts out a great sound. It’s clear and powerful – from such a small box. In addition to the standard speaker function, the Selectec speaker also has a built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling. It’s nice to have that as an option, but not something I usually use. It’s a really nice option for a quality speaker. If you are looking for amplification for your phone or another mobile device, this is a good one to try out.


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For more information, visit amazon.com/marketplace/Selectec.
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Why I highly recommend this Bluetooth Speaker

The Portable Bluetooth Speaker arrived very quickly. He came with an AUX cable, USB cable and a small manual.

APPLICATION: (see video)

The AUX cable is for there to be the speaker can also manually close to the phone without having to use Bluetooth. The USB- cable is used for charging. The speaker is a small cube with many skills. For example, you can with + and – not only louder and quieter but also further off or switch back a song. When pressed on + it gets louder and click into 1x to + provides you a song on. The same applies to -.

In addition, you can make a song to break by 1x click the ON / OFF button. When pressed on the on / off button makes it the speaker on or off.

There is also a telephone function. The button with the phone can receive calls, and the call is transmitted to the speaker. In addition, you can also hang up again with this button.
All these features are naturally controlled (depending on how you want) via the mobile phone.

A further feature is that the speaker has an integrated voice that tells you in what capacity (eg Bluetooth mode) you’re straight or if you have turned off the speaker etc ..


just WOW! The speaker has a really good sound and can bring the bass perfectly. In addition, it can be very noisy ask what I find personally most. One notices especially in the sound that it is not a “low part”, but really high quality (Even in appearance it is very high quality!).


I am very confident and really pleasantly surprised. I have never had such a good portable small speaker that sounds so good and can be loud. Respect!

That’s why for me definitely a BUY RECOMMENDATION !!

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