I purchased this high capacity 40W/8A 6 USB output so that I could charge multiple devices, to include a smartphone, tablet, camera, and Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The Smart Ports automatically detects my devices to give me optimum charging speeds, which is comforting because the last thing I would want is to be concerned with possibly messing up my device just by merely trying to charge it. When I plug my devices in I need to know that they are charging, charging quickly, and charging safely. I do not need to think that they are going to be damaged in any way or that they are not going to be charged at all. I need to know that I will come back to fully charged, fully functional devices.


It is lightweight and easy to carry which is excellent for popping into my laptop bag for work. I already have a million items to take into the office and I feel like a bag lady as it is so I do not need anything more that is too heavy and will add a lot more weight to my already heavy load of stuff that I carry in to the office. As it is every time that I go into the office someone inevitably asks me if I am packing for a long trip out of town because I am carrying so much stuff. One extra thing added to the heavy load is never preferable so the dual lightweight plug does help cut down on that already heavy load.

Charger from Selectec

The foldable hideaway plug is perfect and I find it quite functional. It keeps the plug from scraping all of my papers and reports up inside of my bag. I obviously cannot see the hidden blue LED indicator and I cannot comment on that.

I can comment in detail on the way that the charging port simplifies the multiple USB cables that you may have to charge your devices. The simplification is exemplary, which you can see in the pictures in this review. First see the ridiculous mess in the before shot, then see the simplified order in the after shot. The after shot is what I am all about. The before shot made my head hurt just by looking at it.

Get yours here.

The charging port comes in black and white. I chose white because I wear makeup and it gets on everything, including my phone, Bluetooth devices, iPad, Samsung devices, everything, and I knew it would get on this new charging port, so to avoid the obvious I opted for the black. It weights about 10.9 ounces, and is 7.3 x 5.7 x 2 inches.

I definitely recommend this item. It is all about a simplified lifestyle.

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