I go through a lot of power banks , I have 3 kids and wife that somehow are incapable of plugging anything in until whatever they are using shuts off. I assume most of you can feel my pain, or you are the source of someones pain. (jk) I am on my phone all day for work so I typically carry 2 power banks because I never know when I’ll get to set down to recharge my stuff.


This ultra thin model seemed like a good match for me since I can charge my phone in the same pocket with the power bank without the huge bulge. Personally I prefer simple no frills power banks that just work , I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles and this one delivers . One button to wake it up and check the state of charge , a micro USB to charge it and a regular USB to power your digital device.


It has a nice blue finish that makes it look like a apple accessory and a neat corner hole for a lanyard if you like those. It was sent to me with a very discharged battery and that’s really my only complaint , they should really be stored and shipped with 1/2 charge or more. There’s no telling how long these have been warehoused so its hard to complain. This little unit will charge my phone 4-5 times (iphone 6S) and seems like it may make me want to get another unit since they are priced so well.

What kind of power bank do you own?


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