This speaker is a Selectec Sports Bluetooth Speaker in a beautiful sky blue. The outer layer is a very soft silicone, making it water, dust and shockproof (the silicone absorbs the impact to a certain degree). It’s really small which for me is a huge plus. I wanted something very discreet, easy to travel with, and just easy to store. It takes anywhere thanks to its small size and light weight and attaches easily with the loop that serves as a handle. Personally it is used in the bathroom or outside. I absolutely love the design of this speaker, the strap technology at the top is really great. Essentially allowing you to hang this speaker from just about any where! You can hang it in the shower, off your backpack/purse, or even your bike handle while you cruise around! This speaker can pretty much be used with just about any gadget, cell phone, tablet, computer. It can be hooked up via USB or you can tap into the Bluetooth function allowing it to be completely cordless!

The sound is pretty decent, the color is nice, I recommend this product to take your music with you.

Check out: Selectec Waterproof Sports Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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