This iPad Pro 9.7 inch, it is cool. Unlike super smooth, hard-shell cases, surface is not slippery, allowing for a more secure grasp.


The bottom of the case extends about 1/8th-inch on either side of the iPad which I believe affords an extra measure of “bump” protection. I prefer the non-integrated (removable) keyboard which allows typing at my choice of distance from the screen, or not have the keyboard there at all. This keeps it cleaner and gives me the ability to clean it without juggling the entire case.

iPad pro 9.7 case

The angles at which the screen can be viewed in either position is a matter of personal preference. All are fine for me. With the keyboard pulled away, there are two tabs to prop up the iPad. Both work in landscape, only one works in portrait.


This case comes with a simple but effective 4-inch long stylus and an optional screen protector.

Product available on Amazon.

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