iPad has made my life so much easier, so I wanted a case that would make it feel special. This Selectec iPad air 2 case is just what I wanted.

leather case for iPad
Photo source on Pinterest

Firstly, this case is greatly unique, as the leather outer really matches with the inner shell and also means that the designs and colors can create a great effect.

The iPad case is extremely light and thin which means it is very portable, this doesn’t mean that the protection for the iPad has been lost as the plastic inner shell creates a very secure fit and also a protective layer for the iPad.

men fashion

On the lid of the case, thee are little pockets which are perfect for credit cards and even a small stylus, but this also integrates that landscape pop up view for the iPad which is on the little pockets. There is also an elastic strap that can go over your hand if you are using your iPad for a presentation purposes.

cheap iPad aire 2 case
Click the photos to check it out.

There is also a magnetic seal on the outer to give some more protection to the front of the iPad screen. But mainly, the quality of the iPad case is amazing, as it has some grate stitching on the edges and a very professional look to it.

With the cuts outs for the camera, and the control buttons, it makes using the iPad and case so easy. Hubby likes the idea that its comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth, because I am terrible about scratching my screens. I like that the case also helps absorb shock if I should drop it. Okay, when I drop it, which I do a lot.

More amazing photos can be found on Selectec’s instagram.


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