I love this thing! I have been looking for a small speaker to use around my apartment. It needed to be wireless, lightweight, and have great sound (but not necessarily too loud- it’s an apartment after all) and I believe I’ve found it!


I’ll start but saying it’s very well made and the design is very striking. The gloss finish, along with the metal grill on the front and the weight of the speaker give the appearance of a high end speaker.

Functionality it’s excellent! The large buttons, located at the top of the speaker, are very user friendly. It even talks! Or shall I say “she”? Lol! The speaker will tell sound commands upon turning the device on, off and when a device is paired. The battery life is great! It has lasted for several hours on a single charge, still hasn’t died yet!

Selectec  Hi-Fi Audio Bluetooth Speaker

Sound quality is nice. I’ll say it does sound a bit hollow, but still has bass. It also gets fairly loud for such a small cube. The sound isn’t excellent but overall it’s still a wonderful buy! Oh, I was a bit confused on the size so I did post s picture of the item in the palm of my hand for comparison.

Ask for a discount code on Selectec’s Facebook if you are interested to buy one, never miss it!


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