5b3697d90b2f87e54a37f498968177c3The Selectec Dual USB charger with 24W / 4.8A was well packaged and delivered undamaged in a sturdy box the next day.

Whether professionally or privately, for many people, the car has became something of a second home. Accordingly, of course, it is no wonder that many people own equipment to use in the car. This includes for example the notebook that tablet, or of course the smartphone. But even if the internal battery basically are getting stronger and more persistent, it can still happen with a longer life, the batteries are empty. But this does not mean the end of the use of electronic devices, thanks to modern technology, the battery can be operated and charged through the car. Take the Selectec Dual USB charger for example.

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What is the Selectec Dual USB charger adapter suitable at all?

As mentioned in the introduction, the adapter especially for use with electronic devices is directly in the car. Especially often I use this when I am on business travel by car and am here rely on the support of modern technology. But this is of course not the only area of application, because in today’s times when the smartphone must be a constant companion, the Selectec Dual USB charger is of course used in private cars. Whether for quick charging on the way to work or the necessary energy when driving on vacation over a period of several hours away, the possibilities could hardly be greater especially today.
With the Selectec dual USB charger can be the aforementioned electronic devices, ie phone, tablet, and more, energize and recharge when not using the battery.

By the way: who still uses for the safe and quick ride to the finish on a classic mobile phone instead of the smartphone, the car USB adapter way also optimal use. Because as they require much electricity during prolonged use over longer distances, can with the adapter still a perennial operation ensured.

How does the adapter of Selectec?

The technique is basically very simple and to awesome. Because of Selectec Dual USB charger uses energy that can make the car via the cigarette lighter available. As this may well be sufficient to allow reliable and sustained operation of these electronic devices can, and the igniter is also generally equipped with every modern vessel, the Selectec Dual USB charger a simple and cheap way is, for energy to care. The adapter consists on the one hand, as a rule of a suitable counterpart to the igniter. If the adapter is plugged into the lighter, it is activated directly and the desired current is transmitted. The different models are on the other side via a conventional USB port, to which then tablet, smartphone and Co. can be connected using the supplied charging cable.

I am highly satisfied with the Selectec Dual USB charger. You save $2 with coupon code 7MX3BNSY, expires on 31/09/2016.

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