You Only Need One Charger!

I purchased this high capacity 40W/8A 6 USB output so that I could charge multiple devices, to include a smartphone, tablet, camera, and Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The Smart Ports automatically detects my devices to give me optimum charging speeds, which is comforting because the last thing I would want is to be concerned with possibly messing up my device just by merely trying to charge it. When I plug my devices in I need to know that they are charging, charging quickly, and charging safely. I do not need to think that they are going to be damaged in any way or that they are not going to be charged at all. I need to know that I will come back to fully charged, fully functional devices.


It is lightweight and easy to carry which is excellent for popping into my laptop bag for work. I already have a million items to take into the office and I feel like a bag lady as it is so I do not need anything more that is too heavy and will add a lot more weight to my already heavy load of stuff that I carry in to the office. As it is every time that I go into the office someone inevitably asks me if I am packing for a long trip out of town because I am carrying so much stuff. One extra thing added to the heavy load is never preferable so the dual lightweight plug does help cut down on that already heavy load.

Charger from Selectec

The foldable hideaway plug is perfect and I find it quite functional. It keeps the plug from scraping all of my papers and reports up inside of my bag. I obviously cannot see the hidden blue LED indicator and I cannot comment on that.

I can comment in detail on the way that the charging port simplifies the multiple USB cables that you may have to charge your devices. The simplification is exemplary, which you can see in the pictures in this review. First see the ridiculous mess in the before shot, then see the simplified order in the after shot. The after shot is what I am all about. The before shot made my head hurt just by looking at it.

Get yours here.

The charging port comes in black and white. I chose white because I wear makeup and it gets on everything, including my phone, Bluetooth devices, iPad, Samsung devices, everything, and I knew it would get on this new charging port, so to avoid the obvious I opted for the black. It weights about 10.9 ounces, and is 7.3 x 5.7 x 2 inches.

I definitely recommend this item. It is all about a simplified lifestyle.


6 Unique ideas on gift for your boyfriend

Well, it can be a difficult task. While you certainly want to buy something that he will enjoy, you also want to get him something that is useful and that shows that you care about him. While every guy is certainly different, there are a few basic items that make great gifts for most men. From a portable charger to a money clip, gifts such as these strike a nice balance between individuality and utility: two things that matter to many guys. By choosing a gift for Christmas, you can show him that you truly know him while also providing something that he can definitely use.


1. Portable USB Charger

Selectec portable power bank

From tablets to smartphones, many men use their devices for everything from surfing the Internet to playing games. Unfortunately, as smartphone complexity increases, the battery life of these devices decreases. Because of this, a portable device charger is a great gift for any tech-savvy boyfriend. These devices come equipped with USB ports that ensure sure your guy’s device is ready to go when he needs it. There are multiple chargers available, each one with pros and cons.

2. Personal Experience

Another good gift is the gift of an experience, especially one that he may not want to buy for himself. This can be as simple as tickets to a concert or sporting event; extreme experiences, such as bungee jumping or skydiving; or one-of-a-kind experiences, such as driving a supercar. This sort of gift can sometimes be expensive, but it allows you to show that you understand the activities that are important to your boyfriend.

3. Personalized Bottle Opener

Many men enjoy a good beer, and nothing makes the drinking process easier than having a bottle opener readily available. There are many different designs of bottle openers available, allowing you to choose one that fits your boyfriend’s personality and hobbies. For example, if your boyfriend is into Star Wars, a light saber bottle opener may be the perfect gift.


4. Homemade Food

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that holds true for many men. Making him snacks and homemade food can be a great gift that he can appreciate with each bite. As with other gifts, it is important to make sure that you give him food that he likes and enjoys.

5. Engraved Money Clip

Many men love the opportunity to show off their style in a fancy way, and the money clip easily achieves this effect. Additionally, every time he pays for something, the money clip can remind him of you. For additional personality and creativity, have it engraved with his initials.

6. Business Card Case

Consider buying your boyfriend a nice business card case. For the sleek professional, buy a metal case that he can keep in his pocket and pull out when he needs it. For the more creative types, a nice worn-leather or fabric case can help them show off their creative side in a unique and practical way.

You can also check out the following video of DIY gift for your boyfriend.

Great noise cancelling running headphone

I love this wireless headphone. When it arrived at my house it came in a little box. I used it for running and talking while I am driving. It come with two extra ear bugs so you can choose which one you are comfortable with. They are light easy to used and inexpensive.


The quality of sound on this headphone is clear and charged pretty fast. It’s convenient to put away it also come with a hard shell case that help protected it from damage. I used it with my iPhone 6S and I love it. This headphone is compatible with most smart phone. If you love quality headphone but don’t want to pay top dollar then I recommend this headphone.


I purchased these because I run a lot, 4 times a week and currently training for a marathon. I like that these came with a case, makes it easier to keep track of. I have use them a few times and love them. I wear a visor while running and usually have the cord wrapped in the visor to stay out of the way and to help keep them in my ears. I didn’t do that and they stay in with no problem on my runs. I did 11 miles with them! The cord didn’t get tangled up in my hair (which was in a ponytail and the back of the visor was under my ponytail). The cord didn’t bounce around either (it was under my ponytail and my hair is passed my shoulders). It was easy to change the song if I needed too.

The battery was down to maybe about 80%. I had the volume on low so that I could still hear cars coming and on the lowest setting it was perfectly clear. They connected quickly to my phone and didn’t cut out at all while I was using them. I didn’t change the size of the earbud because it wasn’t needed. They charge quickly. The charging port is a little hard to find and to close after charging, but it just takes a little practice.

I love these!

You can also find Selectec on weheartit.

Redbull for your phone!!!!

I go through a lot of power banks , I have 3 kids and wife that somehow are incapable of plugging anything in until whatever they are using shuts off. I assume most of you can feel my pain, or you are the source of someones pain. (jk) I am on my phone all day for work so I typically carry 2 power banks because I never know when I’ll get to set down to recharge my stuff.


This ultra thin model seemed like a good match for me since I can charge my phone in the same pocket with the power bank without the huge bulge. Personally I prefer simple no frills power banks that just work , I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles and this one delivers . One button to wake it up and check the state of charge , a micro USB to charge it and a regular USB to power your digital device.


It has a nice blue finish that makes it look like a apple accessory and a neat corner hole for a lanyard if you like those. It was sent to me with a very discharged battery and that’s really my only complaint , they should really be stored and shipped with 1/2 charge or more. There’s no telling how long these have been warehoused so its hard to complain. This little unit will charge my phone 4-5 times (iphone 6S) and seems like it may make me want to get another unit since they are priced so well.

What kind of power bank do you own?


Selectec waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, it’s amazing

This speaker is a Selectec Sports Bluetooth Speaker in a beautiful sky blue. The outer layer is a very soft silicone, making it water, dust and shockproof (the silicone absorbs the impact to a certain degree). It’s really small which for me is a huge plus. I wanted something very discreet, easy to travel with, and just easy to store. It takes anywhere thanks to its small size and light weight and attaches easily with the loop that serves as a handle. Personally it is used in the bathroom or outside. I absolutely love the design of this speaker, the strap technology at the top is really great. Essentially allowing you to hang this speaker from just about any where! You can hang it in the shower, off your backpack/purse, or even your bike handle while you cruise around! This speaker can pretty much be used with just about any gadget, cell phone, tablet, computer. It can be hooked up via USB or you can tap into the Bluetooth function allowing it to be completely cordless!

The sound is pretty decent, the color is nice, I recommend this product to take your music with you.

Check out: Selectec Waterproof Sports Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The bright pretty pink iPad case holds the iPad wonderfully

This iPad Pro 9.7 inch, it is cool. Unlike super smooth, hard-shell cases, surface is not slippery, allowing for a more secure grasp.


The bottom of the case extends about 1/8th-inch on either side of the iPad which I believe affords an extra measure of “bump” protection. I prefer the non-integrated (removable) keyboard which allows typing at my choice of distance from the screen, or not have the keyboard there at all. This keeps it cleaner and gives me the ability to clean it without juggling the entire case.

iPad pro 9.7 case

The angles at which the screen can be viewed in either position is a matter of personal preference. All are fine for me. With the keyboard pulled away, there are two tabs to prop up the iPad. Both work in landscape, only one works in portrait.


This case comes with a simple but effective 4-inch long stylus and an optional screen protector.

Product available on Amazon.

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Love this leather case from Selectec

I’m a big phone case girl. I love to change them every other day. This one is perfect because I can put my credit cards there and I don’t have to take my purse to the store.


It is a Leather Case, in the world of fashion leather is popular for being sophisticated and delicate. I love to own leather wallets, my bags, my eyeglasses cover, notebooks covers, all leather goods because this material is an organic one. Leather has different and desirable characteristics than the imitation materials. When you touch a leather good you recognize at once it’s an organic material. This is the sensation when you own the Selected iPhone Cover. It is a durable, soft, and resistance one.


The design is slim, flexible. You can use it with stand feature too, to watch videos and/or movies. Its an excellent product, with a soft scratch-free microfiber interior. It has slots for cards and a magnetic closure. Selected Case Cover includes the stylus pen, the screen Protector and a small cleaning cloth. Provides totally security for the device.

A great value iPhone 6S Plus Cover for the price.

Amazing quality! A must have of Selectec iPad case

iPad has made my life so much easier, so I wanted a case that would make it feel special. This Selectec iPad air 2 case is just what I wanted.

leather case for iPad
Photo source on Pinterest

Firstly, this case is greatly unique, as the leather outer really matches with the inner shell and also means that the designs and colors can create a great effect.

The iPad case is extremely light and thin which means it is very portable, this doesn’t mean that the protection for the iPad has been lost as the plastic inner shell creates a very secure fit and also a protective layer for the iPad.

men fashion

On the lid of the case, thee are little pockets which are perfect for credit cards and even a small stylus, but this also integrates that landscape pop up view for the iPad which is on the little pockets. There is also an elastic strap that can go over your hand if you are using your iPad for a presentation purposes.

cheap iPad aire 2 case
Click the photos to check it out.

There is also a magnetic seal on the outer to give some more protection to the front of the iPad screen. But mainly, the quality of the iPad case is amazing, as it has some grate stitching on the edges and a very professional look to it.

With the cuts outs for the camera, and the control buttons, it makes using the iPad and case so easy. Hubby likes the idea that its comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth, because I am terrible about scratching my screens. I like that the case also helps absorb shock if I should drop it. Okay, when I drop it, which I do a lot.

More amazing photos can be found on Selectec’s instagram.


Solid built mobile battery power bank

So, recently, I kept finding myself in situations where I needed to charge my phone or Fitbit but wasn’t near a power outlet. (i.e. camping, traveling, etc.) I decided to give the “Selectec Quick Charge 16000mAh Power Bank” a try and I’m so glad I did.

If you are looking for a solid built mobile battery power bank your search is over. This handy power bank has 2 regular USB charging ports, 1 USB quick charging port, a power indicator light, and an LED flashlight. The whole unit is coated in a nice matte rubberized TPU-type coating, which gives it a real nice grip.


Overall I really like the design of this power bank. It’s modern, simple, and the exterior coating has a good feel while providing grip.

Buy here!

Simple to use and operate. Just plug in your devices (up to 3 at a time) and you’re good to go. Recharging is equally as simple and fast. The LED flashlight is nice to have especially in situations where your phone might be dead and you’re hunting for your charging cable.

I honestly can’t think of any. This device hit all the points for me and is exactly what I was looking for. I would totally buy this again.

For more detailed display, you can check out the video below:

Great budget friendly Bluetooth speaker of Selectec

I love this thing! I have been looking for a small speaker to use around my apartment. It needed to be wireless, lightweight, and have great sound (but not necessarily too loud- it’s an apartment after all) and I believe I’ve found it!


I’ll start but saying it’s very well made and the design is very striking. The gloss finish, along with the metal grill on the front and the weight of the speaker give the appearance of a high end speaker.

Functionality it’s excellent! The large buttons, located at the top of the speaker, are very user friendly. It even talks! Or shall I say “she”? Lol! The speaker will tell sound commands upon turning the device on, off and when a device is paired. The battery life is great! It has lasted for several hours on a single charge, still hasn’t died yet!

Selectec  Hi-Fi Audio Bluetooth Speaker

Sound quality is nice. I’ll say it does sound a bit hollow, but still has bass. It also gets fairly loud for such a small cube. The sound isn’t excellent but overall it’s still a wonderful buy! Oh, I was a bit confused on the size so I did post s picture of the item in the palm of my hand for comparison.

Ask for a discount code on Selectec’s Facebook if you are interested to buy one, never miss it!