This is a great product, the packaging alone lets you know its a quality product. The box is well made, one I will keep as it looks so good. It was well protected with the foam inlays and included inside was the micro USB and auxiliary lead and instructions.
It is a good size for travelling and is Bluetooth compatible with all my devices, It was quick to pair with all my devices including linking my Samsung via NFC.
The sound is very loud you can here it upstairs when the kids have there music playing, with no distortion. At the back of the device is the Aux & mini USB/DC port, the on off switch is also at the back. At the side is the NFC connection, you can control the volume and skip forward or backward on tracks using the controls at the front. Short press for volume and long press to skip tracks. In the centre is the pause/ answer and hang up calls button. Whilst exploring the features I changed the language to Chinese, but it was easy to change back by holding the Vol Plus button then tap the play button twice.

SELECTEC Bluetooth speaker review: The best Bluetooth speaker ever from Steven sin on Vimeo.

The speaker is so good hard to keep the kids away from it . If you have kids its you might want to let them know they need to be careful when touching the mesh at the front as it marks easily. Other than that it is a lovely product that charges quickly and lasts quite long before needing to be recharged.

UK Amazon:, save £2 before checking out, coupon code: 2DNOLM56
US Amazon:, you save $3 with coupon code VCKEYM3M
Expires on 31, Aug 2016, Facebook:


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