Selectec Battery has been excellent. Here are few reasons why I like it.


The battery holds a lot of power. I am an in-home therapist and it stays in my car all week incase I need some more juice for my phone/tablet. I use it about 20mins a day and it’s always ready to go. Plug it in, push the butter and it’s charging. It’ charges pretty fast too. After a week, I recharge it, but there is still some juice left in the battery. The capacity is nice given the size.

The battery although a bit heavier than most, is solidly built. It feels good in your hand. The battery’s been tossed around a bit and hasn’t noticed any major/minor blemishes to the battery.

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Areas of improvement are the power cord. The cord that came with it doesn’t work. There was too much play in the connection so it wouldn’t charge. However, with all the mini/USB cords I have, it wasn’t an issue finding another one.The indicator lights are nice blue color, but not too bright. It doesn’t over illuminate the whole area when checking how much juice is left. You have a flashlight option which is always nice.

I’ll take one star off for the cord USB charging cord not working. For me it’s not a problem, but for others who don’t have extra cords, it would be a hassle to locate/pay for an additional charger.

Yes, I’d buy one for my mom, dad, brother and girlfriend. (Get the discount code here)


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